Sunday, July 13, 2008

Freedom of Choice

I'm not a political person (even though I majored in Poli Sci in college). So when it comes to talking about the election or for that matter, any hot-button issues facing our country, I'll let everyone else weigh in. Jeans? Bring it on! (How shallow and materialistic do I sound right now??!!!). I found some great-fitting white jeans at Tulip boutique in Burlingame, CA. Made by "Freedom of Choice" (a favorite of numerous celebs apparently), they fit great - not too low, not too tight, slightly trouser-like. Am I too old to pull these off? Apparently not - they even took me back a few years to the 7th grade with the sailor buttons in front. Plus Tulip's about-my-age-sales-lady said she has four kids and she was the reason I noticed them. God Bless our right to choose!